I Don’t Care about Your Rules

6 Jun charade thinking

I don’t like rules. They are restricting, thought limiting, and barbarick, If you ask me.* We should all be able to get along like good little children. But we can’t because some people f**k it up. You know that kid in class that just couldn’t stop pulling the teacher’s pet’s ponytails because he was raised by idiot parents? Yea, people like him f**k things up for all of us on a daily basis. They cause needless accidents, they talk loud in the movies, and they cough on your food. So the rest of us put rules down to stop idiots like them from f**king everything up. But here’s the thing, then WE make rules on how we should make rules. and who should make rules. Then we have a ruler that makes rules for the people he likes and those people may be idiots so they make stupid rules that f**ks more s**t up. Now we have made the problems worse. Damn.

But really, rules are important, I understand that. Not all rules are “bad”.  The rules I don’t like are social rules. Status quos, and all those rules that somehow determine if you’re going to be call the prince of instagram or the Twitter Trap Star or Facebook Whore of the year at your high school prom.

I don’t care about what you think about me. I don’t care that you think I shouldn’t be a wrestler, or that I’m dumb for this, or lame for that. I’m going to live the way I choose. To people like that, I must be like Fall Out Boy to them in this music video. I love this song.

Anyway,  Share some stories, thoughts, or feedback  in the comments below.


*I’m not an anarchist. I think it could work, if all people were good guys. Like superman and batman and goku living on the same planet would be fine. but as soon as you throw Team Rocket in thier, it’s over. and we are not all good, so an anarchist ideology would not work.

**Charade never cared to go to his high school prom.


Stealing Indy Wrestling, Should we think twice?

4 Jun Aniversario Never Compromise Poster

This is my reply to a facebook user who posted an entire pirated copy of of CHIKARA Pro Wrestling’s Aniversario No Compromise iPPV Event.



“As great as free wrestling may seem, this is precisely why Independent promotions, even when they have a fantastic product can’t make enough money to compete with WWE, and certainly not enough to pay their workers as much as they deserve. They can’t make a living so we may leave the business. Meanwhile a lot of the same people watching pirated streams and downloads complain about WWE, and wonder “whatever happened to that one wrestler guy/woman? She was really good… Its a shame she quit…” Hmm, I wonder why. These performers don’t put their body on the line to entertain the people who don’t respect what they do to make a living every night. Especially when it’s already way cheaper to watch it than the current TV products out there.”

What is your opinion? Is it ever okay to pirate a wrestling event, Indy or not?

You can order Aniversario No Compromise and many other great Indy wrestling events at SmartMarkVideo.com

ERB, Muse, & Family Issues.

29 Apr

Lounging with the family, a rare opportunity around here. We’re just kicking it back watching Epic Rap Battles of History videos on YouTube, blasting Muse, and making up hysterical stories about one another. It’s not the whole family, but it’s just enough to keep a smile on my face tonight. 

Life is surprising, you know? 


It’s been a long day.

Television again

19 Apr

So apparently TruTV has picked up the story of Charade VS Black Baron at Beyond Wrestling, and they couldn’t wait to poke fun at my neck/skull injury. Hardy Har Har whatever, at the end of the day I’m recovered, returned, and doing fine. No I’m not embarrassed or offended, People are going to be people, especially in the wake of such an astonishing video surfacing in the first place. My primary hope is that as many people that watched just the clip of the injury also watch the entire match we had. I’m proud of what myself and Baron accomplished. We tore it up, before I tore my neck up. the full match is below. Do me a favor won’t you and spread it around! Share it on as many sites as you can, and show your friends! Just be sure to reassure them I am alive and well! 



Charade “featured” on TruTV’s World’s Dumbest?

19 Apr

6 Months

10 Apr

My story or the a crazy weekend in wrestling.

6 months ago to the day, I performed one of the most dangerous aerial maneuversImage in Professional Wrestling. The double rotation moonsault. Except I didn’t land squarely across my opponent’s sternum, I landed the very worst way one could land – on my Head. It fracturing my skull and launched me into a world of odd Internet fame, effectively being labeled as a super powered android for surviving such a terrible impact, let alone kick out and try to continue the battle. Now imagine people trying to understand why you would even attempt such a move in the first place, let alone step foot in a ring again after nearly dying doing it. Explain THAT. Yea, you get the picture of what I have gone through over the past 6 months.

So today, 3/3/2013 is the 6 month anniversary of the Armory Amore Incident. And I find myself inside the Chikara Wrestle Factory training school. Fully healed, pumped and ready to learn from one of the greats in wrestling – “The man of a thousand holds”, Mike Quackenbush. Beyond Wrestling brought him in to teach the guys, new or veteran things to make us even better. I learned so much from the time we spent with our trainer, and coming out of the seminar, I felt so even more energy and passion than before.
But even still, I had this lingering calm about me. Not only was this my first match back in Beyond Wrestling, but also my first match back outside of the WWA4 school shows. This was my first real outing since injury, and only my 4th match back overall.

After raising my power level during training, I was assigned my opponent for our Beyond Wrestling Studio Tapings that night. I would have Jeane Pierre tonight. A promising young rookie who trains with myself at the WWA4 Wrestling school in atlanta. He has been working hard and has been given an opportunity at Beyond Wrestling. Just like I had in september. After 14 hours in a car full of ATL wrestlers, Little did I know I would be wrestling Jeane Pierre! He swore to bring his French Supremacy tactics to the ring, and take me down. Whatever, I wasn’t worried, He was not stopping me from a mad crazy re-debut showdown of EPIC PROPORTIONS.

As I sit here stretching, going over my game plan going into my contest with Pierre, I can’t help but look around. I notice the bright blue ropes and the large Chikara Pro graphic on the wall. I look around and see great, established wrestlers like “The Juice” JT Dunn, Chris Dickinson, Anthony Stone, and many, many, MANY others at ringside. I look at a nervous but ready Pierre across the room, I glance over to the man Drew Corderio, Beyond Wrestling’s founder/promoter walking around swiftly, handling business  And then I look down at the worn, beaten neck brace that once was my neck’s home and I realize that the only way to achieve the dream, is to work the dream. and I’m well on my way to my wish. Maybe I don’t need to collect the Dragon Belts after all.