Stealing Indy Wrestling, Should we think twice?

4 Jun

This is my reply to a facebook user who posted an entire pirated copy of of CHIKARA Pro Wrestling’s Aniversario No Compromise iPPV Event.



“As great as free wrestling may seem, this is precisely why Independent promotions, even when they have a fantastic product can’t make enough money to compete with WWE, and certainly not enough to pay their workers as much as they deserve. They can’t make a living so we may leave the business. Meanwhile a lot of the same people watching pirated streams and downloads complain about WWE, and wonder “whatever happened to that one wrestler guy/woman? She was really good… Its a shame she quit…” Hmm, I wonder why. These performers don’t put their body on the line to entertain the people who don’t respect what they do to make a living every night. Especially when it’s already way cheaper to watch it than the current TV products out there.”

What is your opinion? Is it ever okay to pirate a wrestling event, Indy or not?

You can order Aniversario No Compromise and many other great Indy wrestling events at


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