Atlanta, Ga

Bio: DEBUT YEAR: 2010 AFFILIATIONS: WWA4, Beyond Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA TRADEMARK MOVES: Corkscrew Moonsault, Top Rope Tiger Feint Kick, Apron Shooting Star Press, Super Handspring Cutter, Galaxy of Charade, 630 Senton, Twist Handspring Dive, Chara-ha-meha Wave, Human Flag Dropkick, Spinning Wheel Kick, Dragon Rana, German Suplex TITLES AND AWARDS: AWA Royston Heavyweight Champion, 2012 Georgia Men's Gymnastics Coach of the Year FAST FACTS: Made International headlines after breaking his skull and kicking out in his Beyond Wrestling debut VS Black Baron on 9/30/12 - Appeared on Tosh.0, Tru TV, World Star Hip Hop, ExHardcore Gamer, Turnbuckle Magazine and more, Arguably the most spectacular high flyer in Georgia, debuted in Dragon Gate USA in his hometown of Atlanta - now has 2-0-1 NC record, Former competitive gymnast, Has achieved the level of Super Saiyan. In January 2010, Charade would debut at the WWA4 wrestling school, and since then, he has been lighting up arenas all everywhere. Using a blend of Lucha, High Flying, Gymnastics and out right unorthodox maneuvers, Charade takes his opponents down with insane athleticism and grace. Charade has the heart of a Saiyan, a true warrior, and proved that as the world looked on. It was September 30th, 2012. Charade made his debut along with long time training partner and rival Black Baron. They were there to showcase what the best of the WWA4 wrestling school could do. And made international headlines in the process. After misstep on a double Moonsault left Charade with a fractured skull, He still had the will and fortitude to kick out, shortly before falling into the hands of Baron in defeat. The match appeared all over the Internet, and televisions screens as Comedian Daniel Tosh controversially aired the clip as the opener to his show Tosh.0. It circulated with over 300,00 hits on World Star Hip Hop, and flooded Youtube as the incident went viral across the globe. Meanwhile, The wrestling world erupted in support for the two performers that managed to get the Beyond Wrestling crowd chanting and standing on their feet. Drew Corderio and his company Beyond Wrestling would hold a fundraising event for Charade bringing in over $1200 for medical bills and treatment. Without the love and support of Beyond and the wrestling community, Charade's career could have very well have been over. Charade has fully recovered from the horrific injury, and is training to come back stronger than ever. Since his catastrophic injury and recovery, Charade has since been on a mission to collect the 7 "Dragon Belts". Seven mystical wrestling championships that when collected, grant the wrestler one wish. Charade wishes to become the most powerful wrestler in the universe! "If you're not with me... Come get me."

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