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ERB, Muse, & Family Issues.

29 Apr

Lounging with the family, a rare opportunity around here. We’re just kicking it back watching Epic Rap Battles of History videos on YouTube, blasting Muse, and making up hysterical stories about one another. It’s not the whole family, but it’s just enough to keep a smile on my face tonight. 

Life is surprising, you know? 


It’s been a long day.


Television again

19 Apr

So apparently TruTV has picked up the story of Charade VS Black Baron at Beyond Wrestling, and they couldn’t wait to poke fun at my neck/skull injury. Hardy Har Har whatever, at the end of the day I’m recovered, returned, and doing fine. No I’m not embarrassed or offended, People are going to be people, especially in the wake of such an astonishing video surfacing in the first place. My primary hope is that as many people that watched just the clip of the injury also watch the entire match we had. I’m proud of what myself and Baron accomplished. We tore it up, before I tore my neck up. the full match is below. Do me a favor won’t you and spread it around! Share it on as many sites as you can, and show your friends! Just be sure to reassure them I am alive and well! 



Charade “featured” on TruTV’s World’s Dumbest?

19 Apr