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I Don’t Care about Your Rules

6 Jun charade thinking

I don’t like rules. They are restricting, thought limiting, and barbarick, If you ask me.* We should all be able to get along like good little children. But we can’t because some people f**k it up. You know that kid in class that just couldn’t stop pulling the teacher’s pet’s ponytails because he was raised by idiot parents? Yea, people like him f**k things up for all of us on a daily basis. They cause needless accidents, they talk loud in the movies, and they cough on your food. So the rest of us put rules down to stop idiots like them from f**king everything up. But here’s the thing, then WE make rules on how we should make rules. and who should make rules. Then we have a ruler that makes rules for the people he likes and those people may be idiots so they make stupid rules that f**ks more s**t up. Now we have made the problems worse. Damn.

But really, rules are important, I understand that. Not all rules are “bad”.  The rules I don’t like are social rules. Status quos, and all those rules that somehow determine if you’re going to be call the prince of instagram or the Twitter Trap Star or Facebook Whore of the year at your high school prom.

I don’t care about what you think about me. I don’t care that you think I shouldn’t be a wrestler, or that I’m dumb for this, or lame for that. I’m going to live the way I choose. To people like that, I must be like Fall Out Boy to them in this music video. I love this song.

Anyway,  Share some stories, thoughts, or feedback  in the comments below.


*I’m not an anarchist. I think it could work, if all people were good guys. Like superman and batman and goku living on the same planet would be fine. but as soon as you throw Team Rocket in thier, it’s over. and we are not all good, so an anarchist ideology would not work.

**Charade never cared to go to his high school prom.