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Stealing Indy Wrestling, Should we think twice?

4 Jun Aniversario Never Compromise Poster

This is my reply to a facebook user who posted an entire pirated copy of of CHIKARA Pro Wrestling’s¬†Aniversario No Compromise iPPV Event.



“As great as free wrestling may seem, this is precisely why Independent promotions, even when they have a fantastic product can’t make enough money to compete with WWE, and certainly not enough to pay their workers as much as they deserve. They can’t make a living so we may leave the business. Meanwhile a lot of the same people watching pirated streams and downloads complain about WWE, and wonder “whatever happened to that one wrestler guy/woman? She was really good… Its a shame she quit…” Hmm, I wonder why. These performers don’t put their body on the line to entertain the people who don’t respect what they do to make a living every night. Especially when it’s already way cheaper to watch it than the current TV products out there.”

What is your opinion? Is it ever okay to pirate a wrestling event, Indy or not?

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